Cancer is unfair. It can randomly impact any one of us. Colleagues, friends and families. We are all at risk.

However, cancer is not inherently fatal. Progress is being made every day, with advanced treatments, innovative technologies and new forms of intelligence. But above all else, it is the committed medical professionals who make the difference. Doctors, nurses, medical physicists, technicians, admin staff. Individually and collectively, these are the people who influence the course of treatments. Defeating this disease requires solidarity and collaboration.

Patients are not alone in their fight.

Our purpose is to support those who support patients. We do this by teaming up with medical professionals and practice owners in a unique partnership model. We know that optimal care goes hand in hand with well-run practices, so we provide our experience and resources to both secure and develop these practices, help them grow and thrive.

Medical professionals are not alone in their mission.

Our ambition is to build a state-of-the-art organisation that unites talented professionals dedicated to better cancer care. Our alliance of medical professionals and healthcare managers is built on aligned interests, quality of care, transparency and mutual consideration. We understand the importance of working together, of pooling complementary skills and insights. We believe in willpower – the will to combine knowledge and capital, medicine and entrepreneurship. 

For the good of patients.