An innovative partnership in cancer care

Stingray is an alliance of Medical Professionals, Healthcare Managers and Entrepreneurs.

Our partnership approach

Optimal care goes hand in hand with well-run practices. This is why we provide our management expertise and resources to support and develop cancer care practices, collaborating with Medical Professionals in a unique partnership model.

The Stingray Alliance Model has been developed to ensure the long-term prosperity of cancer care practices through a dedicated association. We address the challenges faced by Practice Owners while generating further added-value for all partners part of our specialist network.


Secure the future of the practice with a robust partner who has a long-term commitment.


Preserve the practice’s identity and remain independent in all medical and daily decisions.


Benefit from a tailor-made solution for shareholders of all ages, including succession planning.


Have access to the management expertise and resources that a specialist network has to offer.


Hire and retain talented professionals sensitive to the opportunities a wider network has to offer.


Deliver the highest quality of care through pro-active investments in the latest equipment.

Optimise value

Obtain an attractive value for the work of a lifetime.


Realise a significant portion of the entrepreneurial heritage without having to wait until retirement age.


Continue to financially benefit from the development of the practice.

Some facts and figures

European group headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Established in 2017

Supported by family capital, with significant ownership held by its doctors and senior management team.

+8,500 patients

Dedicated state-of-the-art radiotherapy and radiosurgery facilities in Germany and France.

+250 medical professionals

More than 50 doctors part of our network, many as shareholders who chose our Stingray Alliance Model.

Strategic partnerships

Strategic partnership with Therapanacea in the field of artificial intelligence.

Why Stingray?

Our name “Stingray” is a direct reference to our focus on cancer care and our partnership model.

Stingrays are natural predators of crabs, a word which also means “cancer” in many languages. Elegant, agile and independent, stingrays are highly intelligent animals which know when it is in their interest to join forces.

“Gray”, the unit of energy in radiation therapy, is also embedded in our name, a further reference to our dedication to cancer care and expertise in radiotherapy.

Woman looking at a medical results on a computer