A unique partnership approach

Stingray’s ambition is to build a state-of-the-art organisation that unites talented professionals dedicated to cancer care.

Our principles

We understand the importance of working together and pooling complementary skills and insights. Therefore, we team up with Medical Professionals in a unique partnership model built upon the following principles:

Alignment of interests

We team up with Medical Professionals, who retain a significant share in their practice, to jointly benefit from its development.

Quality of care

We strive to continuously improve our processes, services, and approaches to care by fostering innovation and technology.


We establish clear governance principles from the start of our relationship, with trust as a core value.

Mutual respect

We believe in the benefits of combining knowledge and capital, medicine and entrepreneurship in a respectful collaboration.

We are a partner for

Practice Owners

who have an entrepreunarial mindset and the desire to contribute to the next phase of growth through co-investment.

Medical Professionals

who are sensitive to the career and shareholding prospects that a wider network has to offer.

Talented Professionals

who want to contribute to the development of cancer care practices within an international network.

Why they partnered with us

Our partnership approach has been endorsed by Medical Professionals who have chosen Stingray as their trusted partner to continue to shape the future of their practice and keep their independence while benefiting from the strategic support and expertise of an international network.

“Partnering with Stingray has allowed us to better manage the economic and administrative aspects of our centre thanks to their expertise and resources. Stingray is very responsive and available on a daily basis.“
Dr. Sabine Vieillot
Radiotherapist at CCO, Perpignan
“Thanks to Stingray, we were able to establish a large medical care centre at supra-regional level. The implementation of this project was carried out extremely quickly and professionally. In short, the partnership ensures that we can combine our strengths for the benefit of patient care in the future. We are very pleased to have a strong and reliable partner on our side.“
Dr. med. Otto Bundschuh
Neurosurgeon at MVZ Gamma Knife, Hannover
“In an ever-changing healthcare market, the partnership with Stingray allows us to strengthen our position and better shape the future of our centre with reliable experts at our side“
Dr. med. Stefan Hesselmann
Radiotherapist at ZSRO, Rheine
“Beyond the purely financial aspect, Stingray offers long-term support which allows me, as a young doctor, to contribute to the future development of the centre with the support of Stingray and to benefit from the growth that will result from it.“
Pr. Dr. Thomas Mulliez
Radiotherapist at IAD, Dunkerque